IMG_6856Our new book, Loving In The Grown Zone: A No-Nonsense Guide to Making Healthy Decisions in the Quest for Loving, Romantic Relationships of Honor, Esteem and Respect (Balboa Press) has been available for a few months now, and even before any formal promotional effort, the response has been all but overwhelming, with incredible social media buzz and great reviews at and other online booksellers. Now that our official promotional campaign has begun, including appearances on television and nationally syndicated radio as well as our Loving In The Grown Zone Book Blog Tour, we are on a mission to make Loving In The Grown Zone a national bestseller. This goal is not just about selling books, but our mission to champion what our society (and especially our children and young people) desperately needs: fewer dysfunctional, broken and destructive relationships and more loving, sustainable relationships of honor, esteem and respect.

However, we cannot succeed in this mission without you. In fact, our primary reason for writing our book, and for launching our relationship education initiative, is to convince as many people as possible to not only support the Grown Zone, but to join our campaign for “More Self-Love, Better Decisions and Healthy Relationships.” You need to read and share our book, Loving In the Grown Zone. Following are just nine of the top reasons why we believe you’ll agree.

You want to take a stand for healthy love. Infidelity. Violence. Disrespect. Abuse. Possessiveness. Exploitation. Reckless procreation. These and so many unloving acts are tolerated and committed in the name of love. As a result, love needs both a defense attorney and an image consultant. In fact, no other virtue is more falsely accused. Read and share Loving In The Grown Zone if you want to defend and stand up for the truth about love.

You want to prevent unhappy marriages and high divorce rates. How many of us witness weddings and celebrate the rings, the hair, the dress, the music, and the food and drink at the reception—but cannot honestly celebrate the marriage? The fact that half of all marriages end in divorce is not evidence that the institution itself is flawed, but testament to the fact that a marriage is only as resilient as the foundation it is built on. If you want to promote the self-loving choices and healthy relationship standards that prevent unsustainable marriages and make good marriages last, read and share this book.

You want to help love to reclaim its true identity. Love may be the ultimate and original victim of identity theft, with sex, money, ego and self-indulgence among its perpetrators, thanks to popular culture (including much of “reality” TV), movies, music, peers and even preachers and parents. We founded Grown Zone and wrote Loving In The Grown Zone to make the case that true love is identified by its capacity to bring honor, esteem and respect to people in relationships; it is about joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness, patience, affirmation, restoration and safety. Love is always healthy and promotes personal growth and self-love. If it doesn’t, it may be many things, but it is not love. Read and share our book if you agree.

You are tired of dating and pursuing relationships by trial and error. Without a commitment to personal growth and self-love, and reliable guidelines for healthy relationship choices, people are left to gamble with their bodies, finances, emotional health and physical safety, treating the search for love like the lottery—with similarly horrible odds. One in a million may find healthy sustainable love this way; the rest will get the booby prizes, including fatherless sons, daddyless daughters, costly divorces, serial infidelity, financial abuse, domestic violence and other commonly accepted features of unhealthy relationships. Read and share this book if you want to change this paradigm for yourself and others.

This is not a book-sales campaign. It’s a mission. We want to make this perfectly clear: The Grown Zone is not just a cute branding platform. It’s not about getting Instagram reposts or pandering for followers with clever memes. We are not in a social media popularity contest. We are tired of stories that start out with “they fell in love” and end with “he/she cheated on/beat on/abused/killed him/her.” We reject the notion that abuse, disrespect and self-destructive choices should be tolerated by us as individuals or as a society as acceptable consequences of pursuing and engaging in romantic relationships. If you stand with us, read and share our book.

You truly want to believe in good, healthy love, and you want to help others to recognize what it is not. Love’s detractors are bold, loud and vocal. Yet, too many of us who truly believe in healthy love are often silent. Read and share Loving In The Grown Zone as the first step in making your voice heard. If you believe in healthy love, step up, stand up and speak up!

You want better for your children than what you experienced in relationships. Many of us have never personally witnessed a healthy relationship in our own families and communities, much less been taught about how to go about securing one for ourselves. If you are divorced, a witness or victim (actually, they’re one and the same) of partner violence or are currently in an unhappy marriage, you know what it means to fear that your sons and daughters are doomed to the same fate. Read Loving In The Grown Zone so you’ll know that you can break the cycle; share it to make sure that you do.

You are tired of relying on others to love you and you are ready to commit to self-love. If you are tired of chasing love and ready to attract it, the key is learning to faithfully and unconditionally give it to yourself. Read and share our book to learn to become what you desire—a healthy person who loves with honor, esteem and respect—and to attract those ready, willing and able to bring you the same.

Making Loving In The Grown Zone a national bestseller will strike a tremendous blow on behalf of those who believe in truly healthy, lasting, life-affirming love. It’s true: Sex sells, which is why so many of us have been brainwashed—not only by books (with the 50 Shades trilogy a notable example), but movies, music, television, and advertising—to believe that love is about sex and objectification. Putting books like Loving In The Grown Zone on bestseller lists will show that the need for healthy love is greater and deeper than the demand for just sex.

We hope that at least one of the above reasons is enough to inspire you to not only read and share our book, but to join our Grown Zone mission of helping people to choose “More Self-Love, Better Decisions and Healthy Relationships.” (We invite you to share your own reasons in the comment section for this post.) We are eternally grateful to those who share our commitment to helping people achieve success without the mess, and to always make the next decision better! We invite everyone, as always, to live—and love—in the Grown Zone!

Zara D. Green and Alfred Edmond Jr. are co-principals of A2Z Personal Growth Enterprises, and co-creators of Grown Zone Relationship Education. The couple leads sessions on personal growth, self-love and resiliency, healthy relationships and “Grown” decision-making via online and live events across the country. They know this book is changing the conversation about healthy love. You can grab your copy HERE.