Excellence requires continuous learning, training and coaching. These are required to excel at anything: sports, music, business, and especially relationshipseven after you achieve mastery. 

PrivateCoachingExcellence is a commitment to do your very best, with continual improvement, at all times. For example, almost anyone can quickly learn to play tennis at a mediocre level. But to play tennis at the level of Serena Williams, to achieve world-class excellence at the sport, requires more than just natural ability and basic instruction. Williams became a number one ranked player in the world through instruction, training, practice and coaching—all of which continues even after she’s reached her goal.

We repeat: The great Serena Williams still relies on one-on-one, individualized coaching! She counts on expert teachers to observe her actions and choices, point out the things that she can’t see herself doing, help her to unlearn the habits that sabotage her (bringing mediocrity and failure) and learn and perfect those that serve her (bringing excellence and success).

That same mindset and approach must be applied to excelling in your relationships. And such teaching, training and personalized, confidential one-on-one relationship coaching is exactly what we do for our clients who come to us for help with changing their beliefs, habits and—most importantly—results as relates to their decision-making in relationships.

There are at least three important benefits to learning to excel in your relationships by investing one of our Grown Zone one-on-one coaching packages:

To protect your money, financial assets and earning power. The financial costs of poor relationship choices are both measurable and considerable. The wedding industry is a $51 billion business; the divorce industry is about equal to that. The cost of one failed marriage cycle can easily exceed $100,000. According a recent survey of divorcees from our Grown Zone account on Twitter, 28 percent of nearly 200 respondents reported that the cost of their most expensive failed marriage cycle was at least $100,000—that’s more than $5 million dollars.

To protect your personal security and safety. Many people pay for poor relationship choices with their lives; others live with violence, fear, abuse and intimidation in relationships. Relationship education is a key to your ability to recognize danger signs and make safe choices. Your relationship choices are literally life-and-death decisions for both you and vulnerable loved ones—especially children. And make no mistake: you are at risk regardless of your age, race, nationality, religious beliefs, economic status, education level, gender, relationship status and sexual orientation.

The training, guidelines and principles we offer through personalized relationship education and one-on-one coaching can help you to recognize and avoid threats to your safety, freedom and life that too often come disguised as love and devotion.

To protect your confidence, self-worth, peace of mind and potential for success. Relationship education dramatically increases your ability to secure the healthy love you want, need and deserve, which is foundational to your ability to succeed with your finances, in your career, as a business owner and practically every other area of your life. Consider that the ability to establish good, positive relationships and avoid negative people and destructive relationships are among the key “get rich” habits identified (after five years of research) by Thomas C. Corley in his book Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Strategies That Transformed 177 Average People Into Self-Made Millionaires (North Loop Books).

Those who invest in one-on-one, private relationship coaching, including many successful entrepreneurs and high-earning professionals, do so because spending on relationship education now is a smart investment to avoid costly choices later. They are investing in insurance against the disruption of their capacity to earn, as well as protection of their hard-earned assets, including their business and personal wealth, and their reputations and personal brands.

Once you gain mastery over your relationship choices, you will confidently make healthy, self-loving decisions, dramatically increasing your L.Q. (Love Quotient), as well as the likelihood that you’ll find the excellent, loving relationships of H.E.R. (honor, esteem and respect) you want, need and deserve. Best of all, you’ll be happy, confident and content regardless of your relationship status, both now and for the future.

Zara and Alfred each take on a limited number of 1-on-1 coaching clients each year. To  learn more about their customized relationship coaching packages, and to request an invitation to experience a high-impact Grown Zone Coaching Conversation CLICK HERE.