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This is specifically for professional High-Achieving Singles who are, admittedly, challenged when it comes to romantic love and relationships!

Are you over 40 years old, professionally successful (would consider yourself a high achiever), currently unmarried, and interested in having the time of your life while attracting the love of your life with confidence and without compromisebut haven't manifested that yet?

If you answered "Yes", then keep reading.

Hi, it's Zara, and it is our greatest desire in The Grown Zone to prevent tumultuous relationships that end disastrously because we know they are unnecessary, but we haven't always known that and have paid dearly.

We were like every other young successful professional - got degrees and whatever professional training was needed to reach our goals or required to keep our jobs and get promotions - we were drinking our own koolaid; bamboozled and hoodwinked by our own intellect, thinking: we're so smart in our professional lives, surely our personal life and relationships would be as successful.

When I think back on the arrogance of my surety it's almost laughable except for the pain it created.

Together, Alfred and I have 2 divorces each and a few more breakups under our belts. We never stopped believing in love but after the messes we'd made of past relationships, the collateral damage they'd done and then approaching 40 still believing we deserved love we, independently, also realized that we needed effective tools and new skills. But it took life (and love) to kick our entire assess for us to learn what the Spinners tried to teach, that "love don't love nobody", and in the words of Stephanie Mills, "to respect the power of love" which our degrees, professional aptitude, nor accolades was any match for. We had to get personal growth and relationship education-minded, gain skills, and frankly, stop believing in fairy tales or blaming others.

While prevention is our desire, corrective and recovery is the space in which we serve. Which, in it's way is still preventive.

This offering is specifically for the 40-Something, Successful Single because your fairy tale bubble about love has been burst, but the desire for love never goes away. We're designed for love, but we don't naturally know how to love.

We have many conversations, but the ones we've had with over 40, successful singles have been exhilarating. I'm so excited about how we've been able to serve them.  So if you're a 40-Something, Successful Single  who's feeling stuck in your singleness, or like you've been settling, or unsatisfied in any way. In our conversation, we'll determine what's working for you, and what's not; and get you pointed in a direction to get better results.

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After you complete and submit a quick questionnaire you'll then receive a response shortly, thereafter. If accepted, it will contain the link to schedule our call. Schedule yourself and one of us, Alfred or myself, will ring you at the appointed time.

40-Something, Successful Single High Achiever, Alfred and I look forward to speaking with you!


Zara (and Alfred)