“A [penis-led] man will tell you anything if he thinks you’ll let him hit it, and any hole will do as long as it’s wet and warm.”Sam Green, Sr. aka My Daddy

Men: Just because she’s willing to let you hit it, doesn’t mean you should. What seems like “free love” in a moment can wreak mental and emotional havoc on her for years to come. A woman who lays freely is typically in need of things those who lay with her are incapable of supplying.

Stop letting your penis drive.

As part of his public service, mentorship and personal growth efforts, Grown Zone Relationship Education C0-Creator Alfred Edmond Jr. posts on social media platforms, using the hashtag #AGrownManKnows. One of his most shared and liked posts is:

#AGrownManKnows: A king is never ruled by his appetites; a slave, always.

When you allow your penis to drive, you will indeed find sexual satisfaction, but it will ultimately be to the detriment of women, children and society as a whole—including you.

“Ain’t no such thing as free PooNannie; somebody’s paying a price for it, and when you calculate those costs, no nut is ever worth it.” Sam Green, Sr.

Here’s the thing about the price of screwing already wounded women: They haven’t yet figured out the underlying reasons for why they lay. And by the time they do, if ever, their issues have compounded, often resulting in fatherless sons and daughters.

Men, I’m asking you to do better than that.

Live a more meaningful life than your next screw.

Whatever you practice the most is what’s most on your mind. Being sexually satisfied is about releasing sexual tension. You can take care of that yourself, even if that means literally taking matters into your own hands.

When you seek out women to serve that purpose, you train yourself to objectify and womanize, creating a pattern of behaviors that will be extremely difficult to change later, when you desire a mutually exclusive, trusting, loving relationship. The habits of objectifying and womanizing are not switches you can just turn off; they become part of who you are, and that kind of living hurts people and negatively impacts society.

Start practicing now. Honor every woman, even the ones who haven’t yet learned to honor themselves. If you’ll start there, just do your part and encourage the men in your circle to do the same, you’ll make a dent in the quality of lives in your own circle.

When you honor women, you’re honoring yourself.

You’re either penis-led or a Grown man. The refusal to be penis-led and sex-driven in our society takes courage. You’re not a man because you can always find somebody to screw. A Grown man knows: Any penis-led fool can do that. Now Courage UP! Man UP!