You were born with both the need and the capacity to love, but you weren’t born knowing (and were likely never taught) how to create and grow healthy relationships. Your success, security and happiness depends on your willingness to invest time, attention, money and intention to learn. Here are three important reasons to boost your L.Q. (love quotient) by committing to relationship education:

To protect your money, financial assets and earning power. The financial costs of poor relationship choices are both measurable and considerable. The wedding industry is a $51 billion business; the divorce industry is about equal to that.

The cost of one failed marriage cycle can easily exceed $100,000. According a recent survey of divorcees from our Grown Zone account on Twitter, 28 percent of nearly 200 respondents reported that the cost of their most expensive failed marriage cycle was at least $100,000—that’s more than $5 million dollars.

On the other hand, research—including a recent Washington University of St. Louis study on a spouse’s personality impact on his/her partner’s career—shows that making wise relationship choices has a positive impact on career success and earning power.

Those who pay $10,000 or more for one-on-one, private relationship coaching, including many successful entrepreneurs and high-earning professionals, do so because spending on relationship education now is a smart investment to avoid costly choices later. They are investing in insurance against the disruption of their capacity to earn, as well as protection of their hard-earned assets, including their business and personal wealth, and their reputations and personal brands.

But if you are not a wealthy business owner or high-earning professional, free or low-cost relationship education (in the form of books like Loving In The Grown Zone, conferences, classes, workshops and webinars) can still help you to recognize when a relationship prospect poses a threat to your financial stability. Consider this: Victims of severe intimate partner violence lose almost 8 million days of paid work each year because of abuse. This leads us to another reason why relationship education is worth the investment:

To protect your personal security and safety. Many people pay for poor relationship choices with their lives; others live with violence, fear, abuse and intimidation in relationships. Relationship education is a key to your ability to recognize danger signs and make safe choices. Your relationship choices are literally life-and-death decisions for both you and vulnerable loved ones—especially children. And make no mistake: you are at risk regardless of your age, race, nationality, religious beliefs, economic status, education level, gender, relationship status and sexual orientation.

We often meet and counsel victims of partner violence, and we are supportive of campaigns, programs and resources designed to end domestic abuse and provide relief and resources for its victims. We are also extremely grateful for the many dedicated and courageous people, including law enforcement officers, counselors, social workers, psychologists and others who work diligently to protect, repair and restore their damaged lives.


However, the Grown Zone mission is about prevention. We passionately believe that the training, guidelines and principles we offer through relationship education and coaching can help you to recognize and avoid threats to your safety, freedom and life that too often come disguised as love and devotion.

To protect your confidence, self-worth and peace of mind. Relationship education dramatically increases your ability to secure the healthy love you want, need and deserve. Once you become committed to your relationship education, you will confidently make healthy, self-loving decisions, dramatically increasing your L.Q. (love quotient), as well as the likelihood that you’ll find the excellent, loving relationships of H.E.R. (honor, esteem and respect) you want, need and deserve. Best of all, you’ll be happy, confident and content regardless of your relationship status, both now and for the future.