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If you are like most people, you will need help doing this, because you likely won’t recognize these unhealthy financial habits as they seem perfectly natural and sensible to you, even if money conflicts and problems are a recurring theme in your relationships. This is because your approach, feelings, attitudes and behaviors when it comes to money were likely established long ago, from the examples set by parents, family members, and others who shaped your thinking and beliefs.

We created our Grown Love and Money Relationship Education Series to help you challenge beliefs and begin to unlearn habits about money that are unhealthy for you and your relationships, and replace them with new, healthy habits and beliefs, resulting in better decisions and stronger, more prosperous relationships. We help people transition from secrecy, cheating and abuse, to the trust, fidelity and security that is the bedrock of all healthy, loving partnerships.


Stop chasing and losing. Start ATTRACTING and CHOOSING! Learn proven guidelines and principles GUARANTEED to make you happy and fulfilled REGARDLESS OF YOUR CURRENT RELATIONSHIP STATUS. Use the power of self love to become an irresistible MAGNET for the lasting, drama-free, AUTHENTIC LOVE created specifically for you and ONLY you! Order your copy of Loving In The Grown Zone TODAY at LovingInTheGrownZone.com!