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A king is never ruled by his appetites; a slave, always. A true king, that is a Grown man, rules himself (and that includes his libido), above all else. A Grown man does not “forget” to use protection (or assume that his sex partner has taken precautions), nor does he “accidentally” commit repeated acts of infidelity.

Any man who exhibits any one of the above characteristics is not ready for a healthy relationship, regardless of how charming, fine, sexy or paid he is—or how badly he wants you. And if he demonstrates two or more of these characteristics, run—don’t walk, RUN! He is likely a drama king, and should be avoided at all costs. If he resists and/or resents your efforts to learn about his habits, character, track record and behavioral tendencies, keep it moving; don’t get emotionally invested in trying to solve the mystery. Allow him to continue on his journey of personal growth (or not, that’s up to him) while you do the same, keeping your options open for when you recognize a man who is, indeed, Grown.

In the meantime, we invite you to Live in the Grown Zone!


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