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Deciding to have one or even multiple casual sex partners is an adult right. However, Grown decision making requires that a woman also consider the emotional toll on her, any children she may have, and her ability to find a healthy relationship partner (it’s much harder to find “the one” while you are wasting time on “the one for now”), among other things.

Speaking of children; they are watching us. We all know children are sponges. They copy our mannerisms in speech, eating habits, family traditions, etc. Children know us in ways we can’t even fathom. It would be naive at best, and grossly irresponsible at worst, to operate as if they aren’t picking up on our thoughts, practices, and beliefs about sex, too. Grown decision making considers the impacts of choices on the future, including what our children feel their role is when it comes to sex and relationship choices.

Adults can mate with as many other adults or as many times as they want, but Grown folks know that there is nothing casual about casual sex. People can get hurt and there are better, much more Grown decisions that can (and should) be made. To quote the lyrics of the R&B classic “Free Love” by Jean Carne: “Don’t be a slave to your passion; you might get a negative reaction.”

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