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Halloween is the occasion during which we celebrate our morbid fascination with darkness, fright, monsters and things that go bump in the night. Unfortunately, due to commonly accepted and unhealthy beliefs about love and relationships, the horrors can often become all too real. To avoid becoming a victim and to help protect those you care about, you don’t want to miss our latest 3-part series of Grown Zone Videos, “Dying for Love: Scary Relationship Beliefs That Can Get You Killed.”

This series focuses on one of our primary motivations for creating Grown Zone Relationship Education—to challenge the beliefs that result in people literally being killed for love. In the third video in this series, we challenge the following dangerous, yet widely accepted, belief:

Part 3: Being a religious person automatically protects you from relationship predators.

Too many of us believe that a person is safe for us because we met them in church or in a religious context, and that being under “divine protection” as people of faith absolves us of responsibility for exercising judgement to protect ourselves. However, as Alfred often says, “Wolves go to church because that’s where the sheep are.”

At any hour of any day, you have but to turn on your television, and you’ll find shows, such as Fatal Attraction on TV One and Snapped on Oxygen, which show the deadly consequences of accepting these dangerously unhealthy beliefs. Your beliefs can only do two things: serve you, or sabotage you. The ultimate sabotage is becoming a murder victim! In the Grown Zone, our standard is safe, loving, resilient relationships of honor, esteem and respect. Real, healthy love will never put your life at risk.

Check back each week for a new Grown Zone Relationship Education video. And don’t miss the other two videos in this series, “Dying for Love: Scary Relationship Beliefs That Can Get You Killed.”:

Video 1 of 3: Sex first, due diligence later.

Video 2 of 3: You’ll be treated differently because you love them/they say they love you.

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