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Group training is learning on steroids. Just hearing other’s experiences after they’ve had their own Grown Zone awakenings and transformations applied – to trials, troubles and their path to triumph – speeds up your own learning and growing even when it’s not your situation, because life is fluid, you’ll learn something from others to apply in the moment, or later, somehow.

The Grown Zone offers group programs several times a year.


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A Group Session Often Taught At Live Events

Grown Love and MoneyOne of us is an expert on entrepreneurship, personal finance and executive leadership, while the other is a trusted personal growth authority and trainer, individuality advocate and expert authority on temperaments. Together, we’ve created the Grown Love and Money (GLAM) relationship education series to empower singles, engaged, married couples, divorcees, those cohabitating and those just dating—or in “complicated” arrangements—with the tools, and resources to make healthy, self-loving financial decisions as they pursue healthy, loving relationships.

Addressing the top problems raised by both couples and singles when it comes to money and relationships, including financial infidelity, emotional decision-making and conflicting money-management styles, we help our students to recognize the patterns of how they love, how this creates their financial challenges and how to begin to make better decisions to avoid and resolve them, resulting in healthier, wealthier relationships and finances. You will leave our GLAM sessions with new knowledge, empowered to make better decisions that will improve their love lives and their finances.