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The 4 Love Languages has everything that has made me—and so many others—such loyal fans of Tarra “Madam Money” Jackson. First, expertise, backed by both professional and personal experience. This is why Tarra is on my go-to list of top financial educators, whether as a contributor to Black Enterprise, a guest on one of my podcasts or a speaker I’d recommend for a conference or event. You can trust what she has to say.

Second, Tarra always has a fun, unique and memorable style of delivering advice and information that motivates people to actually use it. (Come on. Financial Fornication? How could you not want to pick up that book?!) This is due in no small part to the fact that Tarra herself is both funny and irreverent; her personality and ability to connect with people is perhaps her greatest superpower, and it comes through in her books, her social media interactions, her media appearances and in person.

The truth is, especially when it comes to basic financial choices, the challenge is not showing people what to do—it’s getting them to actually do it. Most people know what to do: pay yourself first, save for emergencies, live within your means. Tarra is in that elite group of financial educators that help people to zero in on why and how to do it. My favorite thing about The 4 Financial Languages is that she not only explains each of the languages, she also provides actual scripts to help you to use the key words to speak and listen for in order to overcome any language barriers between you and your partner, and your ability to have a great relationship—what we call relationships of H.E.R., Honor, Esteem and Respect, in the Grown Zone—and financial happiness and success.

What more can I say, as a person who is passionate about both healthy, loving relationships and financial success? I did not have access to The 4 Financial Languages to help me to navigate financial conversations in my relationships before now—I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Thanks to Tarra, you can do better. If love and money are as important to you as they are to me, you will read and refer to The 4 Love Languages immediately, repeatedly and often—and also make it required reading for anyone you choose to love or who claims to love you.


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