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You believe that you are too smart, popular, influential and otherwise successful to be exploited. The more successful you become, the more you begin to believe that you are incapable of being fuquitable—vulnerable to deception and manipulation. That’s because success and the people it attracts feed your ego.

However, con artists and other manipulators know that the people easiest to control and deceive are those convinced by their egos that they are beyond deception, that no one is smart enough, brave enough or malicious enough to dare take advantage of them. They know that many successful people are so desperate (or ego-driven) to believe it when they hear the words “I love you” that they will tolerate almost anything.

This is why, as you achieve greater levels of status and wealth, you must never forget the first rule of healthy relationships in the Grown Zone: Protect yourself at all times by withholding access to your body, heart, money and home until you have done your due diligence and are clear about who a person is, not just what they are (i.e., gorgeous, sexy and seemingly crazy about you). Too many careers, businesses, fortunes and even lives are lost because people forget that relationship decisions (especially sex, co-habitation, procreation and marriage) have financial and legal implications as well as emotional ones—until it’s too late and the damage is done.



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