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The reality: Actually, all of these deadly and volatile “secrets” could have been discovered by the now-deceased victims well before putting themselves and their loved ones at risk, had they only taken the time to learn who their love interest was before rushing to expose themselves in the name of “love” (or as often, merely hot sex, or just someone with a steady income and a place to live). To quote a chapter of our book Loving In The Grown Zone: Hot new romance? Only fools rush in. Also, the “true love” described at the beginning of the story nearly always turns out to be one of the artificial substitutes we identify in our post, “11 Things Called Love That Are Anything But.”

Hindsight is 20-20, they say. We say: So is foresight, if you are operating with the boundaries and standards of a Grown agenda.  You may have made many of the mistakes you see in these reality-crime dramas yourself in the past. (We know for a fact that we have). Fortunately, you’ve lived to not only get the lessons, but to protect yourself by always making your next decision better.

To avoid putting yourself in danger, you need more than just sex education, pre-marital counseling from your minister, dating web sites and apps, magazine articles about understanding the opposite sex, and even what many matchmakers offer. You need a solid and ongoing commitment to personal growth and relationship education, so you can explore and challenge the beliefs that lead to unhealthy emotions, and naive and dangerous relationship decisions. To do otherwise is to literally gamble with your life.

Also, whenever you choose to watch Fatal Attraction or any of the many other love-turns-to-murder series, treat them not just as entertaining drama, but as truly educational cautionary tales. Keep a copy of Loving In The Grown Zone close at hand as a reality check against the self-destructive choices made by the subjects of these true-life tragedies.


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