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This belief will cause you to surrender your finances to the agendas of others as proof of your love. As a result, you will constantly undermine your financial health, while attracting financial predators and creating adult dependents all too happy to drain your resources.

You need others to believe you are a “caring” person.

This belief makes you easy pickings for romantic interests who want to guilt you out of your money. Being overly invested in being viewed by others as caring also makes it difficult for you to say “No” to financial requests.

More thieves get into our homes, hearts, bedrooms and bank accounts via open invitation than by breaking and entering. When you continue to make poor money choices even when you know better, the problem is no longer a lack of financial literacy, but a deficit of self-love and personal growth. Relationship education can help you to learn how to recognize the unhealthy beliefs that lead to horrible financial choices in love and relationships.


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