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Good money: Someone with financial means and earning potential.

Good status: Someone who will bring you popularity and respect by association.

Good religion: Someone who worships the same God, and in the same way, as you do.

Attractors are perfectly fine as a first screen to narrow down the pool of what you desire in a potential relationship partner, based on your preferences as an individual. However, looks, sex, money, status, lifestyle and religion are not love. They can’t possibly be, particularly because they are temporary and bound to change over time and in ways we can’t control.

Physical appearance will be impacted by time, diet, health, genetics and injury. Career changes are inevitable, and financial fortunes are lost as quickly as they are gained. The desire and capacity for sex can be effected by everything from pregnancy to high blood pressure. Even one’s religious beliefs and relationship with God will change and evolve over time.

If finding the “love of your life” is your true goal, at some point in the future, the value of nearly all relationship attractors will inevitably decrease as you get older. As we say in the Grown Zone: It can’t be eternal love if everything you love about each other is temporary.


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