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This is not an indicator that you’re unlucky in love. NO! In the Grown Zone, it simply means you’re trying to wing it at love, rather than doing as you have with everything else you’ve been successful at: studying, learning, applying and mastering successful principles for your business, passion or profession. That means learning how to love; learning what love is; getting to know all of you, and what a suitable mate for you looks like before he shows up. That way, you’ll recognize him when he does (as you get to know who he is, not at first sight), instead of trying to cast any ole’ body in the role of loving relationship partner.

Make no mistakeunderstanding your professional value does not protect your personal worth; you can’t make enough money, adorn yourself with enough name brands (self indulgence is not self-love) or fake enough happiness to fill that void. In fact, as these things increase the more unworthy you’ll feel. And you’ll feel it most when you’re quiet and alone; in the middle of the night.

So again, stop competing. Instead, become a student of lovingand of loving you, first, most and always.

One more thing: Even if you’re “chosen” (given a title, such as wife, girlfriend, “main chick”), it’ll mean you’re the first, and still one of many, if you’re not the only. You’ll also always be insecure as you are faced with defending your title and position from other contenders.

Regardless of your relationship status, if you must compete for love, it’s not love.


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