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You’ve Got A Lovely Home, But…Does Peace Live There?

A scarier statistic than the divorce rate is that in 80% of marriages at least one partner is dissatisfied.

Are you, like so many others striving for longevity in marriage but experiencing a living hell, and want it to stop — you just don’t know how?

Do you know that if you don’t do something different than you have, and quickly, your issues will compound more, and the results can be disastrous?

Here’s the truth: we’re all born with the need for love, and the desire to give love, but knowing how to love is not innate, therefore healthy relationships, while natural are not normal. You must learn.

Here’s the good news: after you learn how to love effectively, which has everything to do with each person’s individuality (it’s why general advice doesn’t work), it’s the most natural thing there is – healthy loving relationships; it’s our specialty!

Relationship Education

Because love is necessary, but it’s never enough

Which of your family relationships are in trouble right now?

  • Failed marriages of financially successful people are not only emotionally damaging and add extra layers impacting all family members, they are financially devastating too. Are you, like so many others, experiencing longevity in marriage and at the same, a living hell, but want it to stop?
  • The inability to parent each child according to their individual needs (and never from guilt) not only negatively impacts parent/child relationships (often for life) but also destroys a child’s self-esteem and interrupts natural developmental processes necessary for them to effectively handle their life and every other relationship for years to come – no parent wants that for their child.
  • And finally, early sibling relationship’s foundation is an indicator for what their future relationships will be; sibling rivalries may be normal, but they’re not natural. But how will you help them when you can’t help yourself?

Here’s how you get help with your family’s troubled relationships.

Why The Grown Zone?

Because we know you can have – and are indeed entitled to – joyful, secure, healthy relationships of fulfilling and lasting love established on honor, esteem and respect, with no strings attached and no suffering required.

Will you be the champion you and your family needs and start the process to claim what’s possible for yourself, and your family?

Adulthood Happens: Personal Growth Is A Choice

Personal failures are especially difficult for those who have done well professionally and/or who have financial freedom. Nobody escapes the pitfalls of personal growth gaps. NOBODY. So, it is not strange that you’ve fallen into them. Everybody does.

In the Grown Zone, we differentiate between being an adult, and being “Grown.” We recognize that most people view these terms as synonymous, but there is a significant difference between the two. All it takes to become an adult is to survive puberty; it is simply a matter of biological maturation – from infant, to toddler, to child, to tween, to teen and then adult. However, it is a mistake to view adulthood as the final stage of personal growth. Stopping at mere adulthood is the equivalent of arrested development, just as it would be if you stopped at any of the previous stages of maturation. The alternative is not something that just happens, but must be a conscious choice to continuously learn, grow and to increase your capacity to give and receive love throughout your lifetime. That is, to be Grown.

When pain, drama, unstable relationships and self-destructive choices are recurrent themes of a person’s life, there is a high probability that the person, regardless of their age has not committed to personal growth, and it’s rarely intentional. Most just don’t know what else to do. But we do.

Sure You Love Each Other, But Love Is Not Enough

Add To Love

Don’t waste another moment! Add to the love you already have for one another by developing the skills that will make yourself and your family, whole; harmonious and genuinely enjoy each other. Is there anything more important than that?

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