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Friday, January 6th


Talk 1-on-1 with Zara and Alfred!

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NOTE: If you've already had a 1-on-1 with Zara or Alfred, please use this link to schedule follow- up coaching sessions.

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Are you a successful High-Achieving Single struggling with your "singleness"?

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If you are a first timer, it's a simple process to schedule it, and for about an hour you'll have our undivided attention, so we can give you the breakthrough you need on your most pressing issue.


What's stressing you out about your singleness?

...you're afraid you'll be alone forever

...nobody will ever love you because...

...there's a shortage suitable potential partners

...you feel your only choices are to be alone or be used/exploited

...you can't tell who is safe for you and who is not, until the damage is done

...you have too much responsibility and no time for relationship drama

...you're tired of dealing with people more interested in your money and resources than in you

...s/he didn't love, you so nobody else will

...the only way to have a relationship is to lower your standards

...you don't know anybody happy in love

...something about you makes you unloveable

...you've made horrible decisions before and no longer trust yourself

...you (fill in the blank)!


First, hear this, loud and clear: You're right! You're right because it's weighing on you right now and stressing you out and if you don't do something about it, it will persist and perpetuate even worse feelings. That's the cost of just allowing your mind to run amok! What we know from working with high achieving singles is that your mind can't rationalize you being successful in every other area, but failing in the relationship space and by default feelings of isolation, accepting myths, living in the past, even feelings of anger and bitterness will persist.


But imagine uprooting those beliefs and finally knowing what it means to be successfully single and available for the desires of your heart. When you're clear, you're a magnet for all the things you want. Otherwise, the opposite is true; you're a magnet for all the things you don't want.


Let's talk about it. For our Open House, you'll be able to apply and schedule your time with us all at the same time with automatic "acceptance".


You deserve a breakthrough, and slots fill fast, so do it now!

Ready | Set | Go! 



Zara and Alfred