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In the Grown Zone, we often disagree with conventional wisdom when it comes to love and relationships. In this 3-part series of videos, we point to widely promoted and popularly accepted relationship advice, and why it’s often overrated when it comes to choosing and maintaining healthy relationships. We start with:

Part 1: Communication is the key to healthy relationships.

“Better communication” is the near-universal, go-to solution for relationship problems, with countless books, articles and blogs devoted to the topic. However, while good communication is a byproduct and common characteristic of healthy relationships, more effective communication can’t sustain unhealthy ones—nor should it.

If a relationship is not functioning with a commitment to H.E.R.honor, esteem, and respectbetter communication alone won’t fix it. In fact, often the message being communicated in both words and actions“I am not healthy for you; this relationship is not healthy and should end”is quite clear, but those insistent on “saving” the relationship (including many relationship experts) refuse to hear or accept it.

Check back each week for a new Grown Zone Relationship Education video. And don’t miss our next two videos, where we address two more pieces of “Popular Relationship Advice You Must Challenge To Find Healthy Love”:

Video 2 of 3: To find true love you need to understand the opposite sex.

Video 3 of 3: The Definition of Relationship Success Is Staying together—no matter what. 

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