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In the Grown Zone, we often disagree with conventional wisdom when it comes to love and relationships. In this 3-part series of videos, we point to widely promoted and popularly accepted relationship advice, and why it’s often overrated when it comes to choosing and maintaining healthy relationships. In Part 2 of this series, we address the following piece of broadly accepted relationship advice:

Part 2: To find true love you need to understand the opposite sex.

In the Grown Zone, we think differently. We believe that it’s far more important to study, understand and accept your self, and then learn to clearly see and accept others as they are (not as they used to be or as you’d like them to be), as individuals, not just as members of a gender group.

Books, magazines, television talk shows, web sites and movies promising to help you solve the mysteries of the opposite sex are huge business, generating billions each year. However, counting on them to teach you to excel in your relationships is like learning everything there is to know about motorized vehicles, instead of studying the manual for the specific make and model of car that you have or are interested in. Just because all men (or women) have certain characteristics in common, does not mean that all men (or women) are alike. In fact, despite our general similarities as men or women, as human beings we are each custom-made.

That’s why relationship education in the Grown Zone is about, first: study, acceptance and love of self as a unique individual, and then: learning how to assess current or potential relationship partners as unique individuals. It’s not about what you are (male, female, straight, gay, black, white, Christian, Buddhist, etc.), but who you are as individuals.

Check back each week for a new Grown Zone Relationship Education video. And don’t miss the other two videos in this series, where we address two more pieces of “Popular Relationship Advice You Must Challenge To Find Healthy Love”:

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Video 3 of 3: The definition of relationship success is staying together—no matter what. 

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