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Are you setting yourself up for unnecessary heartbreak? Or allowing others to position you for unnecessary drama?

Possession consciousness starts out quite innocently…

“My Clothes – My Shoes – My Jewelry – My House  – My Car”

But then there’s this level of possessiveness…

“My Father – My Mother

My Son – My Daughter

My Man – My Woman”

UH-OH! People Possession! (More on that a little later…)

For the most part, all material possessions lose their value. A big part of our society’s barometer for success is how much one has, so people place value on stuff.  It’s why many people get up every day: To work harder so they can get more stuff.  Nothing is wrong with having stuff, but if the stuff has you, it’s a setup. The reasons behind heart ties (emotional attachment) to stuff are multiple, and they create so much drama for people in their quest to satisfy internal desires with external stuff. It’s dangerous!

People stay in unhealthy relationships because they don’t want to lose material possessions or pay money to get out of them, even when divorce is the healthiest option for all involved.

People buy more house than they can afford to furnish, more car than they can afford to maintain and rack up credit card bills trying to impress people they don’t even like. And when they lose any of these things they lose their minds!

I’ve been divorced twice; in one case leaving everything and certainly ending up financially worse off. But nothing I lost compared to the peace I gained. And although the processes were painful, both divorces were exactly what I needed to do. Since then, I’ve grown so far past either of those experiences that upon reflection, they are mere moments in time.

Then just when it seemed life was back on track, I lost it all again to Hurricane Katrina. It took everything except the three days of clothes I brought with me (3 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of panties, 2 bras, the earrings I was wearing, and a pair of flip-flops) and a CyberSonic toothbrush.

The event itself was devastating in many ways, but unlike many, because I had a healthy relationship with (not an unhealthy attachment to) things, my resilience kicked in. For a half a second I thought about all the new stuff I’d just bought to go in my new place and the lovely wardrobe I’d built, but then I shook it off!