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Or how about this: When you put your key in the door (or hear the key turning in the door) of your home at the end of the day, does your heart pound with tension and anxiety, or leap with joy and anticipation?

And finally: Imagine yourself lying sick, broken, weak and powerless. Who cares for you when money won’t fix it, sex is not possible and good looks are useless or gone? Who sits faithfully by your side?

[ctt tweet=”The right person is worth the wait; the wrong person is never worth the risk. @GrownZone > http://ctt.ec/7xGdm+” coverup=”Uv3O6″]Only you know the answers to these questions; you don’t have to tell us, but you can’t hide the truth from yourself. If you have Good Love, great—treasure, protect and nurture it. However, if you don’t, you have only two choices: change the relationship (impossible without a partner who shares your commitment) or end it to make room for the unconditional love we in the Grown Zone believe you were created to give and receive.

You hear the rationalizations for tolerating unhealthy mistreatment in relationships every day: Every relationship has problems. Just because she cheats on me/he hits me/she belittles me/he ignores me/she lies to me doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. There is a huge difference between partners who can count on each other to face problems, and two people who are each others problem, by virtue of their neglect, abuse, betrayal or other mistreatment of one another. Just because there is no such thing as a perfect relationship does not mean you should accept anything less than a healthy relationship. The first step to recognizing Good Love is refusing to acknowledge—much less engage in—anything less. The fact is, if it’s not Good Love, it’s not love at all.


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