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Professional success. But life is a mess.

We see it every day, and it can be hard to watch.

The high-ranking corporate executive whose self-esteem and financial resources are slowly, steadily being drained by one love interest after another. For some reason, each man she gets involved with becomes under/unemployed shortly after their relationship begins, leaving her as the primary source of income in the partnership. And invariably, each relationship ends upon her discovery of multiple acts of infidelity, with each betrayal a body blow to her sense of self-worth. Sadly, she believes none of her professional success matters if she can’t get a husband, or at least keep a man. Professional success, but life is a mess.

Or how about the successful entrepreneur who’s spent most of his adulthood treating women as disposable playthings. Now he’s quietly panicking. Both his company and his sexual energy (the trump cards he’s always played to attract female affection) are in decline. He’s facing the terrifying realization that his track record of meaningless encounters with readily available sex partners has left him with no idea of how to create a lasting, loving relationship with a trustworthy and loyal partner who values him for more than the lifestyle he can no longer afford to offer, and his (fading) ability to sustain a healthy erection. Meanwhile, he’s lost the confidence and focus needed to steer his company through adversity and back to profitability. Professional success, but life is a mess.

We’ve been taught that suffering in relationships and in life is inevitable; that it’s the price you must pay for success. We created Grown Zone Relationship Education in rejection of that belief.

We say you can have success without the mess. However, you must:

Choose it.  Do you want success without the mess? It won’t just happen; it must be intentional. It starts with challenging your beliefs: Do they serve you or sabotage you?

Do you have any idea what really has you stuck, settling and/or suffering in your relationships? Get answers by applying for a High-Impact Conversation with one of us at GrownZone.com/open-house.