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You’re a nice, decent person. You are loving, and want to be loved by others. So why are you always being treated like crap—especially in romantic relationships? Our latest offering in the Grown Zone Video series, “Why You Get Treated Like Crap In Relationships,” focuses on sabotaging beliefs that cause you to attract, choose and tolerate mistreatment—even though you say it’s the last thing you want. We start with:

Part 1: People mistreat you because they care about you.

Many of our beliefs are shaped by family, religious and cultural influences that associate guilt, shame and punishment with acts of love. Some of have witnessed relationships in which partners (in some cases, our parents) justified their mistreatment of one another as examples of “loving each other too much.”

As a result, many people come to believe is that if people do not mistreat us on some level, it is because they don’t really care. (After all, negative attention is better than none.) This dynamic is at work when, for example, a woman prefers “bad boys” to “nice guys.” She finds the former exciting (even when he disrespects, neglects and even abuses her), and the latter boring and “too nice.”

When you associate mistreatment with love, you are likely to be attracted to unhealthy relationships, while bypassing or sabotaging healthy ones. Tolerate what you don’t want, and you’ll continue to get it, no matter how loudly you protest, or how much you insist that you deserve better. We’re challenging you to take on the unhealthy beliefs that invite people to mistreat you, and sabotage your ability to accept the relationships of honor, esteem and respect that you were created to enjoy.

Check back each week for a new Grown Zone Relationship Education video. And don’t miss our next two videos, where we address two more reasons “Why You Get Treated Like Crap In Relationships”:

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