Welcome to The Grown Zone. The mission of the Grown Zone is to help you to embrace personal growth, and to shift your focus from what you may have the absolute adult right to do—destructive as those choices may be, and what is in your best interest to do—grown decisions—in order to achieve honor, esteem, respect, prosperity, health (mental, physical and spiritual), good relationships and self-loving behaviors for your life.

Ironically, many of us make self-destructive choices—including fiscal irresponsibility, dangerous sexual behaviors, abusive relationships and other unloving treatment of self—out of a desperate hunger for these positive outcomes.

The Grown Zone is dedicated to the proposition that there is a better way, one that begins with self-love and a commitment to personal growth.

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The Grown Zone concept grew out our shared desire to counter the rampant trend toward and popularization of destructive choices, choices harmful to those who make them, as well as to our communities and societies as a whole.

That desire gained urgency with the alarming realization that many of these destructive choices are viewed not only as acceptable, but are now being glamorized by popular media and culture, with many of today’s “reality” shows serving as prominent examples.

We are saddened, and often angered, by the devastation of lives that result from these choices, so much so that we finally agreed it’s no longer enough to merely talk, blog or tweet about it. We had to take a stand. The Grown Zone is our stand. Simply put: WE, ALL OF US, MUST DO—AND INSPIRE ONE ANOTHER TO DO—BETTER.

We hope you’ll choose to stay, and to join our mission because our examples will inspire others to become Do-Better Fanatics too.


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Zara Green and Alfred Edmond Jr.

A2Z Personal Growth Enterprises